SEO Myth Vs Fact

🛡️ Google Debunks SEO Myth: Branded Keywords Won’t Hurt Rankings

📢 Key Insights from Google’s Search Liaison

Google confirms that using branded keywords in your content does not negatively impact search rankings. Focus on content quality and relevance instead of worrying about keyword manipulation.

🧐 The Myth Debunked

A recent discussion on Twitter led by Google’s Search Liaison cleared up concerns about using branded keywords in articles, especially in product reviews.”No, you shouldn’t be afraid to mention the brand name of something you are reviewing. Our systems reward content that is helpful to readers.”

🔍 The Debate

Content creator Jake Boly questioned why his unique articles ranked lower in search results, speculating it might be due to branded terms. This sparked a debate about SEO best practices.

⚔️ Conflicting SEO Advice

SEO expert Taleb Kabbara suggested avoiding branded keywords like “new balance” in review titles, claiming they could harm rankings based on his audits of numerous sites.

🏛️ Google’s Official Stance

Google’s Search Liaison refuted Kabbara’s claims, emphasizing that mentioning brand names in reviews is natural and expected by readers.”Writing a review without mentioning the product’s brand would be counterintuitive and less helpful to readers.”

📊 Evidence from Google

To support their position, Google’s representative cited a search query example, “new balance minimus tr v2 review.” The top result was from an individual reviewer, not a big brand, demonstrating that Google ranks relevant and helpful content regardless of the source.

🔄 Reaffirming Best Practices

The discussion continued when Mike Hardaker shared advice about avoiding branded keywords. Google’s response was clear:

“Yeah, don’t do that.”

This reinforces the idea that avoiding branded terms is unnecessary and counterproductive.

📈 Why This Matters

This exchange provides direct insight from Google, clarifying that using branded keywords in your content is not harmful. Instead, focus on creating high-quality, relevant content that genuinely benefits readers.

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