Unlocking Business Success: LinkedIn’s New CTV and Live Event Ads!

πŸš€ Marketing campaigns need to reach the right people to work well. At LinkedIn, where lots of big companies trust LinkedIn to help them connect with customers, LinkedIn is always thinking of new ways to talk to important decision-makers. Today, LinkedIn is bringing out new ways for you to show your ads to the right people, both on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

πŸ“Ί Reaching More People and Getting Attention with LinkedIn CTV Ads

πŸŽ₯ Videos and events help people remember your brand, especially since only a small number of people are actively buying things at any one time. Knowing that almost everyone is watching Connected TV these days (almost everyone in the US was watching in 2023), and lots of people think it’s great for reaching business buyers, LinkedIn is introducing LinkedIn CTV. This new way of advertising builds on LinkedIn’s successful In-stream Video Ads, which have helped businesses show more of their videos to people.

πŸ’‘ With LinkedIn CTV, you can show your ads to LinkedIn’s audience while they watch TV on their computers or phones. You can easily start your advertising campaign using Campaign Manager and show your ads on platforms like Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads. And you can be sure that your ads are being seen in a safe placeβ€”LinkedIn’s partnership with publishers is almost completely safe for brands.

πŸ’Ό LinkedIn is also working with NBCUniversal for LinkedIn Premiere, a special way for you to show your ads to important people while they watch TV shows online. It’s good for both people watching and businesses, making sure everyone has a great experience.

πŸ“ˆ How LinkedIn CTV Works:

Choose Your Objective: Pick “Create a brand awareness campaign” in Campaign Manager and choose “Connected TV only campaign”.

Determine Your Target Audience: Decide who you want to see your ads, like people in the US and Canada with certain jobs or interests.

Set a Budget and Schedule: Decide how much money you want to spend and when you want your ads to show.

Review and Launch: Check everything before you start your campaign.

Measure Your Success: Use LinkedIn’s tools to see how well your ads are doing.

πŸ” LinkedIn CTV Workflow

LinkedIn is also working with other companies to give you even more ways to see how well your ads are doing.

πŸŽ‰ Continuing to Build Your Brand with LinkedIn Live Event Ads

LinkedIn isn’t just stopping with CTVβ€”today, LinkedIn is also bringing out Live Event Ads, another way for you to get people interested in your events and your brand.

🌍 With lots more professionals watching events on LinkedIn last year, there’s a big interest in learning and meeting people. LinkedIn’s Live Event Ads help you tell people about your event before, during, and after it happens, changing depending on when the event is.

🎯 Reaching More of the Right People

It can be hard to reach the right people, but with LinkedIn CTV and partnerships with NBCUniversal, LinkedIn is helping you talk to the people who matter most. LinkedIn is always ready to hear what you think and try new things to help you reach your goals.

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